A Shared Vision

Continuing programs that provide critical services to populations in need.

“Renown is committed to improving the health of the community, which means more than just providing quality healthcare,” said Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH, president and CEO, Renown Health. “It means going outside the hospital walls, offering programs and services that make a lasting difference in the health and well-being of families throughout our region. This can only be accomplished through collaboration with partners who share the vision of a healthier northern Nevada – partners like REMSA.”

Strengthening the quality and coordination of care and expanding access to the right level of care through REMSA’s Community Health Programs

Community Paramedicine

In-home visits and/or follow-up calls assist patients in avoiding hospital readmission after they have been discharged from the hospital. During in-home visits, community paramedics reinforce healthcare provider discharge instructions and treatment plans, provide education specific to each patient’s health literacy level, and provide medication reconciliation and reminders of follow-up appointments.

The Nurse Health Line

A 24/7 dedicated call line staffed with specially trained nurse navigators. Residents and visitors, regardless of insurance status, can call with their non-emergency medical questions and concerns. The nurse navigator assesses the patient and recommends the appropriate level of care.

Ambulance Transport Alternative

Provides pathways of care other than transport to the emergency department for 9-1-1 patients. This includes transport of patients with low acuity medical conditions to urgent care centers and clinics for treatment, the transport of medically stable inebriated patients directly to the detoxification center, and the transport of medically stable psychiatric patients directly to mental health hospital for medical clearance and admission.

Caring for the Community


patients transported by REMSA each year


ER visits avoided


Ambulance transports avoided


ER visits at Renown South Meadows, Renown Children’s Hospital and Renown Regional

Improving Health Across the Region

“Nevada is poised to become a national leader in a promising model for integrating emergency and primary care.”

Richard Whitley, DirectorNevada Department of Health and Human Services

“The emerging data indicates these programs are having a significant positive effect on the health of the community, especially in underserved neighborhoods. The Washoe County Health District applauds Renown and REMSA for creating this strategic partnership addressing the healthcare needs of our region.”

Kevin Dick, District Health OfficerWashoe County Health District